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Scholarships Android App
Scholarships Android App

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  1. Hi dear
    I am Hikmatullah from kandahar Afghanistan
    and also staying in bachelor degree of economic (BA)
    now I want to studying in the development countries so how can I find the full scholarship

    1. Hi dear
      I am Curren Hofisi from Zimbabwe and iam also studying bachelor of science honours degree in nursing science(BScNS)(Hons)
      now i am looking for assistance by a full scholarship i want to study in the developed countries

  2. Hi dear
    I am ALI HIlowle from Somali
    and also I want degree of (I. T) computer science
    now I want to studying in the computer science so how can I find the full scholarship…..

  3. HI,my name is DANIEL. pls may i know if i stand a chance to pursue an undergraduate study in a more developed country than my country Nigeria. With spornsorship/scholarship. i want to study Law or likely History and Int’l Relation. thanks.

      1. My name ZAINURRAHMAN, I am from Indonesia , I want to study in developed countries , please provide information on scholarships s2

  4. Hi, my name is Jesse KADA, I have a Bachelor’s Degree of Law. Please may i know if i stand a chance to pursue a postgraduate study in a more developed country than my country Central African Republic. With spornsorship/full scholarship. I want to study Law or Human Right and International Relation. thanks.

  5. Hi! am TSION Arefayine &I have 1st BSC degree of public health and I want to learn in developed country how can Iget sponsorship &escolar ship.

  6. hy guys…
    my name is feronika,I want to get scholarship,So I can go to college until out of the country.Without the help of parent.only I need is motivation of the family.I am in a major economic and business.I want to deepen economic and do business.

    and please provide the information in scholarships…


  7. Hello, im Muhammad fazal Rizvi from Palembang, Indonesia. I want to study at Monash university Melbourne, Australia. I just wanna get scholarship. So, how can i get full scholarship for my study. Im atau at managementnya, economy at uin Maulana malik Ibrahim Malang. Contact:

  8. hello my name is Annemarie Koko from Papua New Guinea and what to get a scholarship for next year, how will I apply? so that I can go into any university in Australia to study business and communication!! please contact me on my email address

  9. Hello my name is Fedro Diaz Camsal I am grade 8th now in SMP 7 east jakarta, now I am preparing myself to get schoolarship for my senior high school next years , could you please inform me how to get the senior high school schoolarship in singapore ? Please send into my email address : , I am waiting for kindly information


  10. hello dear , my name is Cindra Nurdi . I am from Indonesia. I want to study s2 in australia, that’s in New Zealand or in queeslend . So, what do I need to prepare from now in administration . full info please yeahh.

    thanks before,,

  11. Hello to everyone that reading this post right now! My name is Natriarka Kenzo Widyu Wijaya from Jakarta, Indonesia, i’m a student that currently studying Bachelorate program in Hotel and Hospitality Industry. I’ve ever had an experience before in Malaysia to get my On the Job Training for about 6 months. However, i’m currently preparing and willing to expand my knowledge and skill by studying alot more from another country! I’m looking for an undergraduate program majoring in Law, Political Science, or International Affairs. Should you need further details and discussion, kindly contact me on
    Have a blessed day, people! ^^

    Natriarka Kenzo

  12. Hi dear…
    I’m adhitya guntur from Indonesia.
    May I ask something? Is there any scholarship for maritime degree? Now I am on 4th year of maritime science bachelor. And I want to continue my study on maritime degree. Is there any information? Because since I subscribed, I never know any scholarship for maritime degree. Please contact me please if there is any scholarship.

  13. Hello dear…
    My name is EI CHAW WIN.I’m from Myanmar.I ‘ve graduated in bachelor of engineering (electronics).I want to study master degree with full scholor…Is there any full scholor??What kinds of full scholor can available right there?

  14. Hi.
    My name is Brett Kuira from Kenya. Im a high school graduate. Havent joined college yet. I would like to study arts and project management. So i was wondering if i can be offered a scholarship to study abroad.. Thankyou.

  15. Hi. My name is Faiz. I’m from Indonesia. I want to study S1 in Al-Azhar Chairo. What kinda of scholar can available right there?
    Thank you.

  16. Greetings,

    My name is Amy Risky Aprillia and I’m from Indonesia. I have just graduated from high school this year. I failed tests for University and right now I’m looking for chances to study abroad.

    Would you mind to offer some scholarships for high school graduated like me? You can inform it through my email :

    You help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

  17. hi my name is Al Fajar i’m from aceh , I want to study
    S1 in oxford university what kinda of scholar can availabel right here?

  18. Hello, My name is Habtamu From Ethiopia! I have BSC. in STATISTICS. Now i’m working at Ministry of Finance and Economic Cooperation (MoFEC), ON TAX POLICY! I’m very interesting to learn M.SC in TAX and DEVELOPMENT, INTERNATIONAL ECONOMICS, MACRO ECONOMIC MODELING and Forecasting, DEVELOPMENT ECONOMICS, TAXATION, RESEARCH, INFORMATION STATISTICS or Other which related to my work experience and preferred for my employer by joining to your full sponsored scholarship!
    Thank you for taking the time to consider this application and I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.
    Thank you very much for your usual cooperation!!

  19. Hi, I have a B. Sc in Electrical & Electronic Engineering (4.07/5.00) from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria ??.
    I’m looking for scholarships to study Industrial Automation or Renewable Energy from a German/American/Australian/Canadian or any top European university.
    Kindly advise.


  20. Hello, my names ade i looking for full scholarship (s2) in korean university. Tell me if there is an information about it.

  21. Good day
    I am Chris graduate of Electronic Engineering with (3.39/5.00) from UNN I wish to further my studies to a masters level in any of the Scandinavia countries or 1st world countries either with scholarship or without pls I need info on how to go about it. Thanks

  22. Hi, i am Rabina Shah and i am from Nepal. I had completed B.Sc nursing this year. I am looking for full Schlorship for master. I hadnt done english language course yet but planning to do it soon. Would you please provide me the information about the colleges that provide schlorship that i can apply nowand how to apply the application.
    Thank you.

  23. Hi.My name is Meyda.I’m from Indonesia.I want to study in Seoul Of Perfoming Arts , South Korea.What kinda of scholar can available right there?

  24. Hello, I am a Cameroonian who has worked as a teacher /aide for nursery and primary schools for the past 7 years. I will like to attend a university but cannot afford. Is there anyway way you can send me scholarships for Bachelors programs like Social Work?