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English Quiz

How good is your English? Test your English proficiency with our English quiz. You can take this quiz as many times as you like. We have hundreds of different questions for you. Please enter your name at the end of the quiz to get into the leaderboard.

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  1. Are You Hungry for Food Phrasals? Part 1
  2. 30 Phrasal Verbs to Help You With Technology
  3. When You See an Adverb Clause, You'll Know
  4. Can You Find the Clauses?
  5. Learning Passive Modals: It Can Be Done!
  6. Phrasal Verbs with 'Take'
  7. Are You Crazy About English?
  8. Just in Case You Don't Use 'If'...
  9. Can I, Could I, May I?
  10. Use -Ever Words Whenever You Like
  11. Thinking About Using -ing Words?
  12. You Had Better Learn Modals!
  13. Making and Responding to Suggestions
  14. In, On, and At
  15. Could Have, Would Have, and Should Have
  16. Mastering Reported Speech
  17. Put Prepositions in Their Place
  18. Simple Past and Present Perfect
  19. Can You Correct 'Her and I?'
  20. Getting to Know Gerunds and Infinitives
  21. Learn 10 Separable Phrasal Verbs
  22. Grammar and Christmas
  23. What Do You Know About 'You Know?'
  24. What Do You Know About "You Know?"
  25. Contronyms Are 'Literally' The Best
  26. Short Sentences in Books, Movies, and Speech
  27. Thanksgiving and English Verbs
  28. James Bond Can Teach You About English Grammar
  29. Understanding Adverbs: Always
  30. Verbs and Gerunds in Speech and Fiction Writing
  31. Verbs and Infinitives in Everyday Speech
  32. The Word "That" in Everyday American English
  33. The Many Reasons for the Word 'The'
  34. Good and Nice: Common Adjectives with Many Uses
  35. Popular Culture and Academic Writing
  36. Are You Afraid of Adjectives and Prepositions?
  37. How to Show That You Are Not Sure
  38. Common Transition Words
  39. Six Differences Between British and American English
  40. Learners' Questions
  41. Reported Speech and the 'Historic Present' Tense
  42. The Teachers' Room
  43. Pronunciation in the News
  44. News Review
  45. Exam Skills
  46. Learners' Questions
  47. Academic Writing: Common Patterns, Part Two
  48. The Teachers' Room
  49. Pronunciation in the News
  50. News Review
  51. Exam Skills
  52. Learners' Questions
  53. Academic Writing: Common Patterns, Part 1
  54. The Teachers' Room
  55. Pronunciation in the News
  56. News Review
  57. Exam Skills
  58. Learners' Questions
  59. The Excitement of Three-Part Phrasal Verbs
  60. The Teachers' Room
  61. Pronunciation in the News
  62. News Review
  63. Exam Skills
  64. Learners' Questions
  65. Getting to Know the Verb 'Get'
  66. The Teachers' Room
  67. Pronunciation in the News
  68. News Review
  69. Exam Skills
  70. Learners' Questions
  71. Starting Sentences With Conjunctions
  72. The Teachers' Room
  73. Pronunciation in the News
  74. News Review
  75. Exam Skills
  76. Learners' Questions
  77. Why Americans Use Euphemisms
  78. The Teachers' Room
  79. Pronunciation in the News
  80. News Review
  81. Exam Skills
  82. Learners' Questions
  83. Expletives Are Not Always Bad Words
  84. The Teachers' Room
  85. Pronunciation in the News
  86. News Review
  87. Exam Skills
  88. Learners' Questions
  89. Common Sentence Patterns: Part Three
  90. The Teachers' Room
  91. Pronunciation in the News
  92. News Review
  93. Exam Skills
  94. Learners' Questions
  95. Studying Sentence Patterns to Improve Your Writing: Part Two
  96. The Teachers' Room
  97. Pronunciation in the News
  98. News Review
  99. Exam Skills
  100. Learners' Questions
  101. Studying Sentence Patterns to Improve Your Writing: Part One
  102. The Teachers' Room
  103. Pronunciation in the News
  104. News Review
  105. Exam Skills
  106. Essential English
  107. Learners' Questions
  108. Adventures with Adverbials: Part 2
  109. The Teachers' Room
  110. Pronunciation in the News
  111. News Review
  112. Exam Skills
  113. Learners' Questions
  114. Adventures with Adverbials: Part 1
  115. The Teachers' Room
  116. Pronunciation in the News
  117. News Review
  118. Exam Skills
  119. Learners' Questions
  120. The Different Meanings of 'Take'
  121. The Teachers' Room
  122. Pronunciation in the News
  123. News Review
  124. Exam Skills
  125. Learners' Questions
  126. The Teachers' Room
  127. Different Meanings of 'Make' in Everyday Speech
  128. Different Meanings of 'Make' in Everyday Speech
  129. Pronunciation in the News
  130. News Review
  131. Exam Skills
  132. Learners' Questions
  133. Would You Like to Learn About Modal Auxiliaries?
  134. Would You Like to Learn About Modal Auxiliaries?
  135. The Teachers' Room
  136. Pronunciation in the News
  137. News Review
  138. Exam Skills
  139. Learners' Questions
  140. The Teachers' Room
  141. Different Meanings of 'Have' in Everyday Speech
  142. Different Meanings of 'Have' in Everyday Speech
  143. Pronunciation in the News
  144. News Review
  145. Exam Skills: 5 tips to help you with speaking exams
  146. Learners' Questions
  147. Common Ways to Express Purpose
  148. Common Ways to Express Purpose
  149. The Teachers' Room
  150. Pronunciation in the News
  151. News Review
  152. Exam Skills: 6 tips to help you with reading exams
  153. Learners' Questions
  154. The Teachers' Room
  155. Sentence Relatives: Showing Feeling, Interpreting Information
  156. Pronunciation in the News
  157. News Review
  158. Exam Skills: 6 tips for getting ready for your exams
  159. Learners' Questions
  160. Noun Clauses in Everyday Speech
  161. The Teachers' Room
  162. Pronunciation in the News
  163. News Review
  164. Exam Skills
  165. Learners' Questions
  166. The Many Ways to Say 'Okay'
  167. The Teachers' Room
  168. Pronunciation in the News
  169. News Review
  170. Exam Skills
  171. Learners' Questions
  172. The Teachers' Room
  173. Using Discourse Markers in American English
  174. Pronunciation in the News
  175. News Review
  176. Exam Skills
  177. Learners' Questions
  178. The Teachers' Room
  179. Take a Break with Commas
  180. Pronunciation in the News
  181. News Review
  182. Exam Skills
  183. Learners' Questions
  184. Infinitives in Everyday Speech
  185. The Teachers' Room
  186. Pronunciation in the News
  187. News Review
  188. Exam Skills
  189. Learners' Questions
  190. The Teachers' Room
  191. Imprecise Noun Phrases in Conversation
  192. Pronunciation in the News
  193. News Review
  194. Exam Skills
  195. Learners' Questions
  196. The Teachers' Room
  197. Commonly Used Nouns
  198. Pronunciation in the News
  199. News Review
  200. Exam Skills
  201. Learners' Questions
  202. The Teachers' Room
  203. 'Providing' More Assistance With Prepositions
  204. Pronunciation in the News
  205. News Review
  206. Exam Skills
  207. Learners' Questions
  208. The Teachers' Room
  209. Disagreements in Everyday Conversation, Part Two
  210. Pronunciation in the News
  211. News Review
  212. Exam Skills
  213. Learners' Questions
  214. The Teachers' Room
  215. Disagreements in Everyday Conversation
  216. Pronunciation in the News
  217. News Review
  218. Exam Skills
  219. Learners' Questions
  220. The Teachers' Room
  221. Common Adverbs in Conversation: Amplifiers, Downtoners
  222. Pronunciation in the News
  223. News Review
  224. Exam Skills
  225. Our new course!
  226. Tim's Pronunciation Workshop
  227. Adverb and Adjective Choices in Conversation
  228. Vocabulary: 12 uses of 'out'
  229. Lingohack
  230. News Review
  231. BBC Masterclass
  232. Tim's Pronunciation Workshop
  233. You Can Use the Simple Past Tense to Make Polite Offers
  234. Vocabulary: 8 uses of 'with'
  235. Lingohack
  236. News Review
  237. BBC Masterclass
  238. Tim's Pronunciation Workshop
  239. Vocabulary: 8 uses of 'right'
  240. Learn 10 Separable Phrasal Verbs
  241. Lingohack
  242. News Review
  243. BBC Masterclass
  244. Tim's Pronunciation Workshop
  245. Can You Catch These Native Speaker Mistakes?
  246. Vocabulary: 7 uses of 'touch'
  247. Lingohack
  248. News Review
  249. BBC Masterclass
  250. Tim's Pronunciation Workshop
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  1. Honestly i dont know how to answer this quiz,cause i also dont know what the question is :’) i just saw a underlined words and i dont know where the question :v , so i just answered without thinking before , pls someone explain to me how to answer this quiz 🙂

    1. I think this some of the questions are taken from toefl (itp) structure exercise… I think you can find samples online.
      Hope it helps 🙂

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        I,m study base school ,thanks

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  4. I am sorry I don’t understand. What is this? Where the questions ?
    I won’t to learn English language but what I am going supposed to do? Can anyone tech me? Please…


  5. i’m sorry , i dont know what is this ? where the question? what’s the meaning of the underline in every question ? i just answered without thinking before :v , anyone can help me ? thx b4

  6. I can speak english a little bit, but when I come to the grammar, well…I cant give any guarantee that I understand grammar, I almost do many mistakes on grammar…I wont deny that Im difficult to learn grammar. Hope with this exercises I can improve my grammar…

  7. i really interest with this quiz but i don’t know how to answer it because there are some words that was underlined… how to answer it. please someone help me to give the instruction of the quiz. thank you so much.

  8. In actual sense I was confuse at the inception of the whole thing, but was able to turn things around I hope to improve in my subsequent tests, once you are able to comprehend off you go big ups

  9. Obviously i’m not able to answer some questions because of the misunderstanding. Please tell me a bit about the criteria to answer. I filled correctly all the answers in the corresponding gaps but for other questions I don’t really know how to do.

  10. I didn’t know how to answer the question because I didn’t understand them I just piked up so make it more clear and I will try again

  11. I’m just an high school student,and interest to study in other country such Italy, and it’s helped me for learning! (:

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  13. im interested in mastering the language for purposes of communication and self motivation. send me the test.

  14. 1. After Dr. Werner Arber discovered restriction enzymes, Drs. Daniel Nathan, Hamilton Smith, and “him” were awarded the Nobel prize for their research in that field.

    *May I know why does the incorrect word is “him”?
    2. Although no country has exactly the same folk music “like” that of any other, it is significant that similar songs exist among widely separated people.

    *May I know why does the incorrect word is “like”?

    3. During Jackson’s administration, those who did not approve of “permit” common people in the White House were shocked by the president’s insistence that they be invited into the mansion

    *May I know why does the incorrect word is “permit”?

    4. Benjamin Franklin was the editor of the largest newspaper in the colonies, a diplomatic representative to France and later to England, and “he invented” many useful devices.

    *May I know why does the incorrect word is “he invented”?

    5. Please send me information “with regard of” insurance policies available from your company.

    *May I know why does the incorrect word is “with regard of”?

  15. It’s amazing. But I don’t understand what the questions.
    Please help me to learn english language..

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    I took the quiz and I came seventh. I’m wondering if you offer full scholarship for degree programmes too because that’s what I’m interested in.
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